Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Limited Edition Wednesday.... 1st week

Only 30 will be sold!

$250L - Linden Only - No Gifting

Once sold out.... it is SOLD OUT!

Come grab it inside Bitch Tail!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Limited Edition Wednesday!

I swear I will do not must to keep up with this!!!!

Each Wednesday a new Limited Edition Item will be added to the board...
As the sign states:
Once Sold Out The Item Is Gone!

Time to clean up space....

{Bitch Tail's $50L Retirement Sale} Ends Nov 3rd @9pmSL

>>Making Room For New Releases!<<

Both stores are conveniently located on the sim: Bitch Tail

Teleport and snag the deals now!

-fatpacks, mesh and more.... only $50L!-

Friday, October 17, 2014

Poll time.....

Which Bitch Tail did you enjoy most?

Poll will be located on the side bar -------------------------------------------------->




Friday, October 10, 2014

Attention IMVU players!

Want some Bitch Tail in your IMVU?

Good news those who also enjoy the virtual fun in IMVU!

Bitch Tail is expanding!

Bookmark our new blog just for the IMVU experience


{Bitch Tail is NOT leaving Second Life, Avination or InWorldz... we are just expanding!}

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Party Time! @ Bitch Tail!

Party Time! @ Bitch Tail!

 ╔═► ✯ Best In Your Fav BT Outfit ✯
╫Who J: ♫ DJ Berry & Hostess Dawnie ♫
╫What: ✩ Top 40 / Pop/ Hip Hop ✩ 
╫Where: * Bitch Tail Party Zone *
╫When: ✦ 6 - 8 PM SLT ✦ 
╚═►✫ Calling All Party People ✫
                 • Prize: 500L$•

Spreading the love....

GRAND OPENING ON THE BITCH TAIL SIM!!! EVERYTHING $50L Come see us and Check out the other stores too!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Congrats and Welcome to.....

Congrats and Welcome to.....

Berrabin Aura who has been selected to take on the BT Club!

She has been a name I have seen throughout the years 
as a faithful Bitch Tail fan and friend!!!!

I know she will do amazing things with this offer and 
ensure you all have a place to enjoy to hang out at!

Congrats sweetie!

Support the fight!

New @ Scan*dal*ous

*** Fight ***

- Help us raise money to fight breast cancer! 100% goes directly to the fight! - 

Check the Scandalous blog for information: 

Teleport over and grab it!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Want to run a club?

Bitch Tail has been established in Second Life since 2008 and since the start we have always had a club until a sad falling out happened with one of the most special people to me.

All that aside it just did not feel right to continue the "Party Zone".....

I constantly get notecards and messages requesting the return of a club to Bitch Tail.

The customers want a place to go and hang... Second Life should be fun.

With that said Bitch Tail was founded on the grounds of Second Life being fun and affordable and I feel it is time we get back to that!

I am seeking someone who is self motivated and enjoys the club/dj/host scene.

Someone who can manage their own staff as I am not really wanting a club to manage.

I will put fourth a monthly amount that can be used to pay staff, the contest board and so on to the overall Manager, anything over that is up to the Manager to cover.

Events can be held as often as the Manager wishes with a MINIMUM of 4 events a week!

While I will be entrusting this area to said Manager to run I will have a few rules and requirements which I feel are beyond fair as I will not be charging rent and will be advertising events on my blog, twitter and Facebook.....

*ALL guests must be treated with respect
*Manager will have rights to eject guests that are being unruly (last restort action!)
*New releases/events are to be mentioned during events
*Blogs for Bitch Tail and Scandalous are to be advertised during events
*Rules of Linden Labs are to be respected and followed
*When not Dj'ing stream is to be replaced.

The name can be changed and personal tip jars should be used per club Manager's selection.

All club items should be kept as neat as possible as the Bitch Tail area provided is in the heart of the sim to ensure visibility.


Please copy and paste the bottom portion to a NEW NOTECARD titled: I want that club - avatar name

Avatar Name:

Club Management Experience?

Are you available to work a variety of music genres?

Average time online?

When can you start?

Send notecard to Tiff Renfold :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

New @ Bitch Tail...

New @ Bitch Tail

*** No Flex ***

>Remember $25L off ALL of Bitch Tail & Scandalous ends TONIGHT at 9pmSL!<

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Also Available on Marketplace

New @ Bitch Tail....

New @ Bitch Tail

*** Thankful ***

>Remember $25L off ALL of Bitch Tail & Scandalous ends TONIGHT at 9pmSL!<

Teleport over and grab it!

Also available on Marketplace

Fall 2014....

Saturday, October 4, 2014

New @ Bitch Tail....

New @ Bitch Tail

*** Remember Me ***

>Remember $25L off ALL of Bitch Tail & Scandalous ends tomorrow at 9pmSL!<

Teleport over and grab it!

Also available on Marketplace

October Allowance....

is now ready to be collected in the center of the main store...

also please note:

{WTF $25L Storewide Sale} Ends Sunday @9pmSL

>>BOTH Bitch Tail & Scandalous have EVERYTHING on sale for only $25L<<

No clue when this sale will end so hurry and snag the deals TODAY!
TP your friends!!!!!

Both stores are conveniently located on the sim: Bitch Tail

Teleport and snag the deals now!