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Bitch Tail Very Active Sim, Friendly Staff, Great Outfits Variety of Styles, Every outfit only 98L Including Mesh! Really enjoy shopping and hanging out here
I love Bitch Tail.....I am always here alot during the week. The clothes are amazing....The clothes are super stylish. I am alwyas gonna be a loyal customer here.
its great i love the clothes
have always loved the store from when it first came out all the clothes are fun , sexy and never disappoint me
I love this store great outfits and prices
I LOVE LOVE LOVE BT!! Amazing people, amazing designs and some of the best customer support I've ever seen. FIRST designer to ever say, "I want to be your friend, not for spam, but because I care. If i could give more than 5 starts I would.
An epic store with the best clothing in SL. In fact, 99% of my clothes come from Bitch Tail. Love it here and have been a frequent shopper since 2009
I love this store, Its awesome, all the clothes are wondeful and great prices!
I love this store. Tiff is a great store owner. Prices are awesome. I have shopped here for almost 2 yrs. I just loves this place!
I have been coming here almost since the day i started on second life. It is still one of the best stores I have found.
the clothes look at fit great, they cater to a variety of styles and personalities and the prices are wonderful
THE BEST shop for Neko's and non Neko's, stuff is always top QUALITY, affordable and the staff very helpful and friendly one of my fave places in SL since i joined over a year ago. Really have not got a bad word to say about it. A place for everyone!
I love BitchTail! When I am looking for something new to add to my clothing inventory I come to Bitch Tail first!
great quality clothing
This is the only place I buy clothes that I feel are the real me!
Tiff is ever evolving and creativity keeps this world in style! Very Progressive person. You won't be disappointed in anything at her store
love love love Bitch Tail! The prices are amazing, the staff is always courteous, and there's always so much variety of clothing!
5 Stars ~Lotta Difference
Excellent outfits, skins, shapes, and the owner puts a lot of time in it. excellent.
Couldn't ask for a better store to shop at. The prices. The coolest fashions. This store rocks.
You can never beat a 98L store. Especially when the clothes are seriously awesome!
Is the most amazing store in all of SL
Amazing Store! Great prices!!!!!
I have been a loyal customer of Bitch Tail for as long as I can remember. I hand out LMs for this store to everyone I can. Tiff does a great job keeping it fresh and new, she's classy and fun and truly cares about her customers. <3 bt="bt" p="p">
awesome products. amazing customer service . id give 10staars if it went that high!
The best store with the best owner in SL! GREAT prices and customer services!
I love this store. Multiple High Quality fashions all at a great LOW PRICE.
5 Stars! Nice quality outfits which often include shoes!! Great price too!! ~Rain Lyric
I love this store colors are always so vibrant
nice place!!
I love the quality of bitchtail clothing and the attention to detail, I always refer my friends here because I love the clothes!
I just love the variety and wonderful selection of items and colors!! I LOVE BITCH TAIL!!!
Always love BT been a customer
Nice to see you all are still around after a couple years of inactivity. I remember liking this store's style a lot. :)
I love this store !! Bitch Tail is high quality and affordable! <3 it="it" p="p">
Great cloths Love it
I love all the cloths and they do sales so that helps ppl out who cant alway have linden
one of the only places that to me has decent mesh tiff keep up the great work
Its an awesome, friendly place to be, lovely staff... awesome clothes and an awesome owner ty Tiff for bringin us Bitch tails :)
loves it
Great store ... love it!
awesome, just awesome store
its a awsome store love the clothes and you cant beat the prices either
well the store is the bomb diggity
Great clothes, great prices. Such a fun shop.
I love this store! Everything is priced just right, and if you are in her VIP group, priced even better.
Bitch tails is the best love it ty Tiff ... all of u keep up the awesome work ;)
<3 p="p">
Tiff always has amazing Customer Care and Sales on top of her alrady amazing prices. Simply Love her.
Awesome fashions at super low low low prices!
Great clothes...And very good prices!
Tiff this is coming from someone that love you in sl and real qwe have never talked or hung out but that is ok i know you are a busy lady and i understand that and love how you stand by us and keep the Great outfits coming you FUCKING Rock Gurl
I love the way Bitch Tail looks, I love the staff and the clothes...the owner is sooo nice..because she actually will talk to the VIPs unlike other store owners...I've been a bitch tail shopper for 2 years now. Tiff Renfold
love it
Tiffy is super talented and I'm so proud to be her cousin :) Love you girl!
how can you beat the prices especially when the products are of this high quality
cute stuff
Amazing Location to start with. The prices on her clothes are way low and the clothes are gorgeous! She pays attention to details!
5 star
Super Friendly People and Great Fashion at a Excellent Cost!
Love your stuff Tiff!! It's all i wear when im out and about in SL :)
The clothing, prices and staff at this store, and the other branches of this store are absolutly amazing!!
love this place! 5 Stars!
very nice work :) and great pricing , i will add to picks
very good clothes!! low prizes
Excellent clothes and store and staff and then theres Tiff :D the best
Brand new to this store but I'm loving what I see so far :D
I always enjoy coming to Bitch Tails one of my favorite stores with gret customer service.
Great store, great products, very helpful. I will be back.
This is the greatest store in SL the outfits are awesome. :)
good place to find unique clothes
I've been a fan of bitchtail for years, it never fails to please me, always new items, always great quality items at an affordable price, it is my number 1 store, and the landmark is the only store in my favourites!!
love it
This place is the best pleace ever. Nice clothes, and awesome staff. xXAngelBabiiXx Resident
Lovely well made clothes, and a Lovely Creator. Tiff Renfold Rocks :)
great store, great prices, great service :)
Always great fashion n very helpful staff not to menchin the great prices!! <3 :d=":d" also.="also." good="good" hang="hang" just="just" love="love" p="p" place="place" the="the" to="to">
i love shopping here its one of the best places to shop reasonable prices and the staff r very helpful when u cant find a certain outfit i always recommend my friends here
123,180,21 I love coming great clothes and lots of fun i always make new friends
Awesome clothes - even better prices!
I absolutelu love Bitch Tail
Bitchtail has been and will always be my favorite store for clothes! the owner has a real visiion where fashion is concerned and it is always making the coolest unique clothing in SL! (and she is a real nice person to boot!)
Entire Outfits, priced cheap and ultra high quality. Even has a mesh part of the store, and 25% cashback'. This store is one, if not the best, in SL
This place sells the sickest clothes at insanely fair prices! I wear most of their clothes every time I go out :D
Tiff is amazing. Bitch Tails has been my Shopaholiic dream since I was a noob. Great prices friendly staff and an owner that cares about each person with her whole heart. <3 p="p">
I love the lucky chairs and decor but the store is a bit confusing and is always changing.
5 stars
Love this place, great deals and nice people!
awesome place
One of the best on the grid!!!
Tiff is absolutely the best!
Love BT! great deals, great clothes with AMAZING people and atmosphere <3 p="p">
love this place!!
I LUV BT Have since I first came here and nothing's ever gonna change that!!!!
This place is amazing. keep up the great work!
I give a 10 i have always loved BT awesome stuff love it
Love this store, lots on new releases <3 p="p">
one word: FABO
I love their clothes
Awesome Owner
LOVEEEE YOUR STORE Thanks for all you and Jay do :)
I LOVE this place!!! GREAT clothes and GREAT price!!
I love it
great store
Bitch tail is a great place to go shopping. Everything is really well made and the styles are great. If you haven't been here yet. You totally should! The prices, and discounts make it worth it being a member or VIP !
Love Bt ish a fab store they love their customers I think that is important as their quality to be succesfull and should be rewarded !!! TY BT !!!!
This is the first neko store that has products I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Keep up the excellent work Tiff! Awesome products!
Very detailed clothes. At a great price.
I love the store and how awesome the owner is
Great Store, Hot Cloting, lots of choices, fun games and lts of prizes with low prices and lots f sales!
ive been with BT for a while and i love it
Very helpful staff, was able to get a whole wardrobe and skin for 0L made me come back and purchase many more outfits and am looking forward to newer releases
Awesome shop
This place is amazing :)
I love the low prices and bad ass style
i absolutly love this store and everything in it. Tiff is an amazing artist of the fashion world. <3 and="and" it="it" keep="keep" p="p" please="please" thank="thank" up="up" you="you">
Absolutly Love this store. I could wear bitch tail all day long. Such great quality and a low price. AMAZING!!!
bitch tail is my favorite store! theres always something new
Best store, awesome quality and most helpful staff! would give a million stars if I could!
Tiff has always made great quality merchandise and yet she continues to top her own amazing work. She ensures that all staff are the friendliest and most helpful possible. I always recommend BT to others. <3 p="p">
Great looking clothes great prices and lot of gifts for vip's.
just cos
Clothes are amazing :D
5 stars, LOVE your clothing.
Best MESH I found in SL so far 10/18/12. Luv how they move with my AO. Realistic cloths I would wear IRL. and GREAT PRICES!!
my favorite store
Best stuff in SL!
Love Bitch Tails. Great outfits !!!
I give Tiff Renfold Bitch Tail Store all Five Stars shes awesome and all the stuff she makes and designs love all your stuff since i first joined sl and still do keep up the good work :D
Great store. Tons of items to choose from and a staff member always around to help.
fantastic wears affordable prizes and constantly changing gifts!!!!
*Submitted Via: theringmaster Huckleberry
My first week of sl I had maybe 200L and I was dieing to be a sexy neko after all I love cats and Nekos are just to cute! When I first went to your store your prices were still in the highish range. I looked around your store and in need of some sexy outfits i stayed around for you amazing lucky chairs and hit up my first MM boards. I was so excited when I got my first sexy outfit. When I returned about a month later I was so excited because I had 500L and went on a lil shopping spree buying a sexy tail and a few hot outfits. You were the first neko stuff I had in my Inventory. I loved every outfit I saw and after about a year of being in SL I actually started to work for you. I got to know you and found out you were a great person even though I was hearing so much from other designers. I love Bitch Tail and I love you Tiff! Never change, you are amazing just as you are and you will always have me as a customer.
Love Lots,
theringmaster Huckleberry.

*Submitted Via: liynna Zifer
The 1st time i was tped to BT was my three Day in sl ... and omg i looked like a noobie  But that was ok Tiff did not look down on me or make fun of me cause i was a noobie . I loved all the outfit she had and wanted them all . It was the 1st time i seen a MM  Was at Bt
I don't have a Favorites  outfit of Bt i love them all for i have all most all your outfit Tiff  you are one of my favorites in 2nd life i go to Bt all most every day if i can
But to tiff I wanted to say something  I have never sit down and talk with you but i wanted to let you know i look up to you  You are one of my idle 's  Alot could not do what you do in sl and in real  You have a busy life outside of sl but you find the time to come in and give your love and so us just how much you love us in sl i could not say that about  a lot in here .. For most want linden and could care less about there fans but you do You are a Wonderful person Tiff Please dont stop doing what you do for us . You mean a lot to me and you may not know that  so what ever you are doing  ... keep doing it for me lol

Yours <3
liynna Zifer

*Submitted Via: bloodryvan Resident
My sl Daughter was the one that first brought me to BT....Once I was rezzed I nearly bought the store out... the clothes are  soo amazing and nicely priced..... if you've not been there it's a must

*Submitted Via: Chrisara Haiku 2.13.12
My first visit to BT was when a friend brought me, And ever since I kept coming back. I loved Tiff's Neko outfits, And now her new outfits are awesome as well. When i first met Tiff she was into the bunnies. I bought my first bunny from her.

*Submitted Via: Anastacialynn Mirabella 2.13.12
tiff is so down to earth and she makes the best clothes and she is so friendly alot  of clothing desingers are some times stuck up but she isnt like that at all and i would tell al my friends about her, and they will like her cothiing as much as i do and when she does eens or viper only stuff she really gets down with and tallks with u and gets on ur level, and i am always anticipating her stuff cause its so good, and she is so friendly

*Submitted Via: Jolene Spires 2.13.12
The first interesting thing about my experience with Bitch-Tail was that I was referred to a Neko based store by a rodent!  (Her name is Gerbil)  Actually it was pretty great since as a new person to SL I didn't have many lindens so I had to stretch what I had economically as much as possible.  With the $98L clothing plus sales for even less, group gifts, freebies and lucky chairs, BT was a godsend in SL survival.   I still enjoy shopping there since the style is unique and different from all other Neko based styles. :-) 
                                                     Jolene Spires
*Submitted Via: Ainjul Razorfen 2.13.12
Well I met you when I had an issue with a display board giving me the wrong color tail. With my past experiences in SL I figured I wouldn't get a response or if I did it would take weeks. I was suprised when I got a response from a notecard I sent you almost immediately after. Not only did the issue get fixed quickly, you were super sweet about it and let me keep the tail that wasn't the one I meant to buy (which was pretty cool and gave me a reason to shop more with a different color tail =^.^= ).  And I will keep passing the word on about how awesome BT and you are Tiff!
 Ainjul Razorfen

*Submitted Via: Fen1x Hurricane 2.13.12
The following is an account of the thoughts that thundered through my head when I landed at BT.
"Oh heyy... I remember this place! She used to have a store back in Dark City...  Didn't I RP giving her an angel feather or something once? Holy fucksocks, she's expanded her inventory since then...  Oooh! Wait, no, this is women's... where the hell is the men's? OH! Nifty! A map! Wow, thank god she put this down.... Let's see.... landmark me to... men's! Yes. Here we go. *Click* *Goes flying clear across the store* WHEEEEEEE!"
"Ah, men's. Good. Manlymanlymanly clothing. Ooh, Gameday outfit... Me gusta. HOLY SHIT! She has the Auburn Tigers?! NOBODY has the Auburn Tigers! KICKASS! Only 98L? You gotta  be shitting me... *Purchase* This place is fucking awesome...  Must buy more clothings. Dum de dum..."
*20 outfits later*
"Okay... I like this one. That's actually what I've been looking for, for awhile now... holy shit... *Purchases "Ghetto" outfit*
*Comes out of store, purchases clutched in his arms, a tear in his eye* "Thank you, Bitch Tails, for making my shopping experience amazing. It's been months since I've gone in-world shopping, and this first time back was worth it!

*Submitted Via: Rachel Papp 2.13.12
The first time i layed eyes on bitch tails i was amazed by the prices
i went poor my first visit lol... must of my outfits are from bitch tails
Had people come to me asking me where you get your outfits from and happy to tell them where.. pass them the landmarks and sometimes will follow them over soo that i can buy more
i love tiff sales at bitch tails her prices are amazing but wow when she has sales i hope your inventory is empty because when you leave her shop you will have to make a folder just for your new outfits
now for tiff ohhh boy now tiff naaa just joking i meet tiff from my sis and started to talk to tiff alittle bit my self she is amazing girl.. get to know her for yourself and you will know what i mean
tiff and bitch tails rock... that all i have to say... :)))


*Submitted Via: Kitty DeVaux 2.1.12
Hello Miss Renfold,
  You don't know me, but I'm in The Stores & Creators List group as a Blogger. I just wanted to say that the
*Tiff's Message To Creators* on your blog, the fact that you keep your store group a Free Group, and the note you have to/for/about Bloggers in your Profile are all AWESOME!
  It is _so nice_ to see someone (especially a creator) being so positive about things and speaking their mind without trying to tear other people down in the process. Much respect.
Kind Regards,
Kitty DeVaux