*Tiff's Message To Creators*

There is more then enough room in this place we call Second Life... there is no need for bitter games, slander and hate.  Each creator has their own twist to what they do... each creator is very talented and should be damn proud of their accomplishments and focus on that.  Sales, Displays, Colors.... are all things we ALL use... don't try to make more of something thats not there... enjoy what your doing... simple as that... there will always be another upset and ready to trash talk on another... careful what you listen to as you do not know the REAL story that fuels their words... don't let them drag you down in their drama, be smart and work hard.
Tiff Renfold

ANYONE can have a great event... but to run a great business is to have consistancy and growth... how is your traffic 364 days of the year?  Group growing?  Keep honest... keep working hard and all pays off!