.::Store Policies::.

*Refunds:  Refunds are only issued when there is a proven glitch and/or error with a Bitch Tail vendor.  Please note refunds can occur in either form of Linden or Store Credit.  Each case is dealt with case by case and the final decision is that of Tiff Renfold.

*Did not receive your item?  Or Second Life got the munchies and ate it?  Head to the store and slap the redelivery terminal.  If the item is not listed on your personal page then submit a notecard with full details of the issue as well as the transaction information found at secondlife.com (store credit transactions are in local chat)

*Gift Card Redemption: Bitch Tail will honor all past gift cards with the exception of those that have 1000 day in the name.  If you have a gift card or cards and they attach to your hand please create a prim and place them into said prim.  Name the prim with your name (not display name) then send to Tiff Renfold.  Please be patient your cards will be processed into store credit reflecting the balance on the card(s) provided.

If you gift card attaches to your mouth then you have our most current cards!  All you need to do is touch the panel in our main entrance that states "Touch Here To Redeem" and follow the steps of the pop up menu.

*Purchased Gift Cards: 
> Touch the amount you want
> Accept the BLANK card
> Wear the card
> Right click and pay the vendor with your name hovering above it
> Detach card and give to who ever you wish
(instructions will also be displayed in local to help you along)

*Store Credit:  Wearing the Bitch Tail Main Group's tag while shopping with linden will earn you 25% in store credit for each purchase.
During weekend sales (unless stated otherwise on sign) store credit is usable but NOT earned.

If you find you are a bit short on credit for a purchase you can simply locate a Store Credit Checker and right click and pay the terminal the amount you are short to add it to your personal credit balance.

*Group Trolling/Spamming:
If you see this happening whether in the Bitch Tail groups or any other simply report said person/people via a  AR sent to Linden Labs for unsolicited spam/harassment, then mute them.  
Sending a notecard/im to the groups Owner is nice but there is not much we can do.  Ejecting them from our groups and land only works for a second while they create a new account to start all over.

If you intend on behaving in this manner please note your attempts for extra attention will only get you muted and ejected.  If you do this in the Exclusive VIP group there is a strict NO REFUND policy.

*Left the Bitch Tail group on accident?  I am sorry however if you leave the group on accident you will need to re-pay to join again.

*Trolling/Spamming on Bitch Tail Regions:
Same as Group Trolling/Spamming

*Mall Renters:  Must be respectful to all on the sim and adhere to the Linden Labs TOS or face the loss of rented shop/cart with NO REFUND.

* Transferring Credit to Alt Accounts:  Sorry this is not a service offered as there is far to many way one could be dishonest and abuse it.

*Transferring Purchases to Alt Accounts:  All items are "giftable" @ Bitch Tail.  Therefore if you want to dress your alts... send them a gift.

*Estate Banned?:  If you find yourself banned and unsure why please send a notecard to Tiff Renfold for review as it is possible that another customer of the actual Estate may have placed your name on a Estate Wide ban versus just one region.

*Do I have you muted?:  I truly dislike muting people as I believe that all are entitled to a bad day here and there.  However if I have felt the best option was to mute you then I am sorry and I hope that your having a better day, please understand I am running a place of business and am unable to work out everyone's personal issues.

*Affiliate Vendors?:  No I am sorry however I feel that it not only confuses consumers as to who the true creator is but also cheapens the brand name.  Bitch Tail will never offer affiliate vendors.

*Reselling of Bitch Tail items:  While in the past items were made transferable to make life easier for those with alts it is NOT allowed to resell said items at any time!  Legal action may follow if found to be in violation of this.

*Tiff's Contact Information:
 ☎Text Questions, Comments/Concerns☎
(682) 500-6504
Email: tiffrenfold@gmail.com

*Need Bitch Tail's Lawyer Information?:
Ross & Matthews, P.C.
3650 Lovell Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas  76107

Phone: 817-255-2000
Fax: 817-255-2022

ALL of my designs are copyrighted © under DMCA


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