Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NEW! @ Bitch Tail... {Totally}

New Releases @ Bitch Tail

*** Totally ***

Also available on marketplace

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New! Limited Edition Wednesday..... {Sugar}

I wanted to get a jump on this one since I missed last Wednesday...

Only 30 will be sold!

Linden ONLY - No gifting (located inside Bitch Tail)

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

NEW! @ Bitch Tail..... Panda Face....

New Release @ Bitch Tail

*** Panda Face ***

Also available on Marketplace

>Remember {Bitch Tail's $50L Retirement Sale} Ends Nov 3rd @9pmSL<

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Attention Bitch Tail Groupies members.....

Check the group notice for this giftie...
14 days only!

Want to be a part of the group?
Paste the link below in your SL viewer...
Join and not only grab this hoodie BUT enjoy the following benefits:

☑ $250L Monthly Store Credit Allowance
☑ EXCLUSIVE sim lockdown events
☑ Group Gifts
☑ Random Adboard Model Calls
☑ No general store spam 
☑ Absolutely NO Spam of Any Kind or Immediate Ejection
(lucky chairs, manias, events and so on...)
☑ and loads more!!!!!

Now for the month of November enjoy 50% off the group join fee!

NEW @ Bitch Tail

New Release @ Bitch Tail

*** Fair Game ***

Also Available on Marketplace:

>Remember {Bitch Tail's $50L Retirement Sale} Ends Nov 3rd @9pmSL<

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Also... I am so sorry I missed putting out a Limited Edition item this past Wednesday.  My middle midget injured her knee and my dentist decided to call me in to place my new crowns and torture me mildly lol <3 p="">