Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What do we have here.....

Newness @ Bitch Tail!

Happy 2015 to everyone all over the globe.....

{Below each adboard is the link to their marketplace listing}

come visit the sim :D

Since I deleted all off the sim and have no clue how many were left for the 
Limited Edition Wednesday items I decided to set them back out one more time.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The New Year will be great and I am sure many will see things in a new light :)

I may have jumped a bit quick on my last post...

I have been given so many amazingly sweet ims and notecards, you are all so amazing.

I would I could say more but for now I will just say.... do NOT leave the Bitch Tail groups.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stepping away....

This post is one made with a mixture of sadness and happiness...

When I opened Bitch Tail in November of 2008 I never imagined it would every grow to the level it has!  For that I want to thank each one of you for your on going support and encouragement!

There was a time when I need Second Life as well as Bitch Tail far more than most know... it then became a crutch of sorts.... the "easier" option for things.  The money was what I thought I was there for until I realize it was more then that as well.  When I found myself in a mix of drama I started to step back a bit and see things as they really are and at that time I began to see how addicting this place can be.

When I caught myself telling my kids to hold on a moment that turned in hours I knew I had to come up with a different plan!

For awhile I was doing pretty good balancing everything between my children, real life work and Second Life.... that was until I fell ill.  I was not getting enough sleep or eating healthy.  I was running myself down into the ground physically and emotionally.  After a trip to the ER I knew that while my kids and many around me thought I was some super mom I had to make changes!

I could not quit PTA... I love being able to step up and be there for my kids, I was not going to get rid of my children's pets because they to are our family, could not see myself quitting my job or closing my photography business as those directly benefit my household and come with zero drama.... so this left me to do some hard core thinking about Second Life and its pros and cons.

I have listed them out and talked to my children about the next step because honestly they have always had a say behind the scenes of both Bitch Tail and Scandalous.  What we have decided is NOT to close Bitch Tail or Scandalous but rather scale back for now.  Go back to the days when I logged onto SL for fun here and there and run from those days when I felt as if I lived on my pc chair in front of a screen with my back to the world.

With that said I am going to drop the region.  There will be some satellite stores here and there and I will ensure you can use your credit there.  Bitch Tail and Scandalous WILL remain on Marketplace.... and new items will continue to be put out when I get a creative bug and some free time to do so.

This choice eliminates any stress or time limits to remember such as logging on to pay this or that....

I can not say this is how it will stay forever, I may end up one day missing it far to much and building a sim all over again in the future but for now this is what is best for my health, sanity and my family.

I would like to give a special thank you to those who most likely feel that I dislike them for past drama as well as those who may spin this into some other un needed dramatic situation for forcing me to look out the window and see the air blowing in the trees and reminding me there is so much more out there.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NEW! @ Bitch Tail... {Totally}

New Releases @ Bitch Tail

*** Totally ***

Also available on marketplace

Teleport over and grab it!

New! Limited Edition Wednesday..... {Sugar}

I wanted to get a jump on this one since I missed last Wednesday...

Only 30 will be sold!

Linden ONLY - No gifting (located inside Bitch Tail)

Teleport to Bitch Tail!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

NEW! @ Bitch Tail..... Panda Face....

New Release @ Bitch Tail

*** Panda Face ***

Also available on Marketplace

>Remember {Bitch Tail's $50L Retirement Sale} Ends Nov 3rd @9pmSL<

Teleport over and grab it!

Attention Bitch Tail Groupies members.....

Check the group notice for this giftie...
14 days only!

Want to be a part of the group?
Paste the link below in your SL viewer...
Join and not only grab this hoodie BUT enjoy the following benefits:

☑ $250L Monthly Store Credit Allowance
☑ EXCLUSIVE sim lockdown events
☑ Group Gifts
☑ Random Adboard Model Calls
☑ No general store spam 
☑ Absolutely NO Spam of Any Kind or Immediate Ejection
(lucky chairs, manias, events and so on...)
☑ and loads more!!!!!

Now for the month of November enjoy 50% off the group join fee!

NEW @ Bitch Tail

New Release @ Bitch Tail

*** Fair Game ***

Also Available on Marketplace:

>Remember {Bitch Tail's $50L Retirement Sale} Ends Nov 3rd @9pmSL<

Teleport over and grab it!


Also... I am so sorry I missed putting out a Limited Edition item this past Wednesday.  My middle midget injured her knee and my dentist decided to call me in to place my new crowns and torture me mildly lol <3 p="">

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Limited Edition Wednesday.... 1st week

Only 30 will be sold!

$250L - Linden Only - No Gifting

Once sold out.... it is SOLD OUT!

Come grab it inside Bitch Tail!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Limited Edition Wednesday!

I swear I will do not must to keep up with this!!!!

Each Wednesday a new Limited Edition Item will be added to the board...
As the sign states:
Once Sold Out The Item Is Gone!

Time to clean up space....

{Bitch Tail's $50L Retirement Sale} Ends Nov 3rd @9pmSL

>>Making Room For New Releases!<<

Both stores are conveniently located on the sim: Bitch Tail

Teleport and snag the deals now!

-fatpacks, mesh and more.... only $50L!-

Friday, October 17, 2014

Poll time.....

Which Bitch Tail did you enjoy most?

Poll will be located on the side bar -------------------------------------------------->




Friday, October 10, 2014

Attention IMVU players!

Want some Bitch Tail in your IMVU?

Good news those who also enjoy the virtual fun in IMVU!

Bitch Tail is expanding!

Bookmark our new blog just for the IMVU experience

{Bitch Tail is NOT leaving Second Life, Avination or InWorldz... we are just expanding!}

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Party Time! @ Bitch Tail!

Party Time! @ Bitch Tail!

 ╔═► ✯ Best In Your Fav BT Outfit ✯
╫Who J: ♫ DJ Berry & Hostess Dawnie ♫
╫What: ✩ Top 40 / Pop/ Hip Hop ✩ 
╫Where: * Bitch Tail Party Zone *
╫When: ✦ 6 - 8 PM SLT ✦ 
╚═►✫ Calling All Party People ✫
                 • Prize: 500L$•

Spreading the love....

GRAND OPENING ON THE BITCH TAIL SIM!!! EVERYTHING $50L Come see us and Check out the other stores too!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Congrats and Welcome to.....

Congrats and Welcome to.....

Berrabin Aura who has been selected to take on the BT Club!

She has been a name I have seen throughout the years 
as a faithful Bitch Tail fan and friend!!!!

I know she will do amazing things with this offer and 
ensure you all have a place to enjoy to hang out at!

Congrats sweetie!

Support the fight!

New @ Scan*dal*ous

*** Fight ***

- Help us raise money to fight breast cancer! 100% goes directly to the fight! - 

Check the Scandalous blog for information: 

Teleport over and grab it!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Want to run a club?

Bitch Tail has been established in Second Life since 2008 and since the start we have always had a club until a sad falling out happened with one of the most special people to me.

All that aside it just did not feel right to continue the "Party Zone".....

I constantly get notecards and messages requesting the return of a club to Bitch Tail.

The customers want a place to go and hang... Second Life should be fun.

With that said Bitch Tail was founded on the grounds of Second Life being fun and affordable and I feel it is time we get back to that!

I am seeking someone who is self motivated and enjoys the club/dj/host scene.

Someone who can manage their own staff as I am not really wanting a club to manage.

I will put fourth a monthly amount that can be used to pay staff, the contest board and so on to the overall Manager, anything over that is up to the Manager to cover.

Events can be held as often as the Manager wishes with a MINIMUM of 4 events a week!

While I will be entrusting this area to said Manager to run I will have a few rules and requirements which I feel are beyond fair as I will not be charging rent and will be advertising events on my blog, twitter and Facebook.....

*ALL guests must be treated with respect
*Manager will have rights to eject guests that are being unruly (last restort action!)
*New releases/events are to be mentioned during events
*Blogs for Bitch Tail and Scandalous are to be advertised during events
*Rules of Linden Labs are to be respected and followed
*When not Dj'ing stream is to be replaced.

The name can be changed and personal tip jars should be used per club Manager's selection.

All club items should be kept as neat as possible as the Bitch Tail area provided is in the heart of the sim to ensure visibility.


Please copy and paste the bottom portion to a NEW NOTECARD titled: I want that club - avatar name

Avatar Name:

Club Management Experience?

Are you available to work a variety of music genres?

Average time online?

When can you start?

Send notecard to Tiff Renfold :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

New @ Bitch Tail...

New @ Bitch Tail

*** No Flex ***

>Remember $25L off ALL of Bitch Tail & Scandalous ends TONIGHT at 9pmSL!<

Teleport over and grab it!

Also Available on Marketplace

New @ Bitch Tail....

New @ Bitch Tail

*** Thankful ***

>Remember $25L off ALL of Bitch Tail & Scandalous ends TONIGHT at 9pmSL!<

Teleport over and grab it!

Also available on Marketplace

Fall 2014....

Saturday, October 4, 2014

New @ Bitch Tail....

New @ Bitch Tail

*** Remember Me ***

>Remember $25L off ALL of Bitch Tail & Scandalous ends tomorrow at 9pmSL!<

Teleport over and grab it!

Also available on Marketplace

October Allowance....

is now ready to be collected in the center of the main store...

also please note:

{WTF $25L Storewide Sale} Ends Sunday @9pmSL

>>BOTH Bitch Tail & Scandalous have EVERYTHING on sale for only $25L<<

No clue when this sale will end so hurry and snag the deals TODAY!
TP your friends!!!!!

Both stores are conveniently located on the sim: Bitch Tail

Teleport and snag the deals now!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New @ Bitch Tail...

New @ Bitch Tail *Day Off*

I have been slacking on credits:
-Hair- Magika
-Tatts- Letis
-Sneakers- 2Real
-Hands- Slink
-Shape- Pekka
-Skin- Lara Hurley
-Lipgloss- Pink Fuel
-Eyelashes- Redgrave
-Face Tatt- my own

Teleport to Bitch Tail

Also available on Marketplace

{Remember EVERYTHING @Bitch Tail & Scandalous is ONLY $25L}

Sunday, August 31, 2014

New @ Bitch Tail...

New @ Bitch Tail *Happy*

{Remember EVERYTHING @Bitch Tail & Scandalous is ONLY $25L}

Teleport to Bitch Tail

....Don't forget....

{WTF $25L Storewide Sale}

>>BOTH Bitch Tail & Scandalous have EVERYTHING on sale for only $25L<<

No clue when this sale will end so hurry and snag the deals TODAY!
TP your friends!!!!! 

Both stores are conveniently located on the sim: Bitch Tail

Teleport and snag the deals now!

Check & bookmark their blogs for newest releases

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New @ Bitch Tail....

Come snag this @

Fashion credits:
Hair - Truth
Bracelets & Watch - Mandala
Eyelashes - Redgrave
Heels - Faun
Feet/Hands -  Slink
Doggy - Birdy

Also available on Marketplace
(please have "adult content" enabled to view)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week long sale!

As summer closes in and we start to prepare for school to start back up...
let's all relax and enjoy a good old fashion Second Life sale!

Teleport to Bitch Tail and bring friends!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New @ Bitch Tail......

Come snag this @

Fashion credits:
Hair - MIlana (Hair Fair)
Bracelets &  Watch - Mandala
Arm Straps - Dirtyland
Eyelashes - Redgrave
Heels - Faun
Feet/Hands -  Slink
Tattoo - Irene

Also available on Marketplace
(please have "adult content" enabled to view)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New @ Bitch Tail....

Come snag this @

Fashion credits:
Hair - Truth
Bracelets & Watch - Mandala
Arm Straps - Dirtyland
Smoke - Hermony
Eyelashes - Redgrave
Feet/Hands -  Slink
Tattoo - Irene

Monday, July 14, 2014


All vendors at Bitch Tail are updated.....

Working on updating gift cards for Scan*dal*ous

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Update from Tiff...

Hey everyone!  Ok I very rarely make posts like this, however I feel that I should do some explaining about what is going on with Bitch Tail and Scan*dal*ous at this time.

First thing is that many changes have been going on within my real life.  Some good, some bad and some really tough... all of which I am taking day by day and all seems like it is for the best either which way.  Second Life is NOT to blame for any of this but rather to  thank in some odd way as it has allowed me to see some things I chose to be blind to in my own world.

Bitch Tail and Scan*dal*ous are NOT closing... I still enjoy creating as a healthy and productive outlet far to much to close either store.  My children are also becoming little creators as my son is learning mesh to help me as well as working on a video game product with friends of his from around the world.  And one of my daughters is figuring out Photoshop.  No my children are not inside SL!  They are simply excited to create something that we can do together from time to time as we chill together with our laptops.... so 2014 lol.

This next week I am going to be mapping out a more structured way to accomplish putting out newer items in a more timely manner as well as keeping primary focus where it should be... real life.

Items that will be addressed this week are:
*Store set up.... (no remodel planned just some in house cleaning)
*Blog design.... (time for a fresh look)
*Personal design schedule
*Event possibilities

I am also aware that there is an "issue" with the E2V vendor system.  I will be logging on and shutting down traffic to the sim for a bit as I take care of installing the needed update TODAY!

With all the above stated, please note that I am not involved in ANY drama... I have no desire for it, no time, no do I have the knowledge of who is doing what, where or when......  If you hear my name mentioned by others stating otherwise, please just ignore it and move on.  Those who wish to harbor ill will and create dramatic tails will do so no matter what because they need it for some reason to thrive.... I certainly do not!  And I would hope those who shop my stores are more grown and respectful enough to also not engage in it.  Let's all enjoy our Second Life experience like big people :)


Friday, July 11, 2014

New @ Bitch Tail!


*** WORK ***

First 30 sold for only $98L {linden only}

Come grab this new release....
includes mesh tank in 6 sizes, non mesh jeans plus texture hud.

Teleport to Bitch Tail!