*Our Mall*

Hate being left with a shop or stall hidden in a busy sim?
Well at Bitch Tail ALL renters are visible to the Main Store!
Our Mall Extends Out From The Middle, Running South To West, With Charming Stores and Stalls Available.

The Bitch Tail sim was designed to be "renter friendly" and offers:
*High Traffic (13K - 20K+ daily)
*Sim Owner is Estate Director (daily restarts to ensure little lag)
*Uses HippoLITE rent boxes to cut on sim lag
*Low Rent....
*Sim wide $50L Sidewalk Sunday (not required, vendor given for free)
*FREE week added to YOUR box for all shop renters you bring Bitch Tail!

!!!!! Midnight Mania WELCOME !!!!!

Bitch Tail also is happy to promote our sim in our group of over 15K+ members PLUS on air with Vengeance Radio!                      

So what are YOU waiting for... shops fill up fast...!!!!!
Come pick your Bitch Tail home.... and join our family!
Shops & Stalls are ready for rent...
ALL boxes can be set to the following:
20 Prims - 50L
50 Prim - 200L a week
100 Prim - 250L a week
150 Prim - 300L a week
200 Prim - 350L a week

Contact Tiff Renfold  if you have any questions and or concerns!

*ALL Boxes can be custom set to the above prim and rent?