Wednesday, January 11, 2012

.:: Standing up...::.

*Creators & Customers Standing Together*
Enough with the Cyber Bullies!
Yes YOU... we are tired of it!
As I said before there is enough room for all creators!
Your about to see how teamwork is!
How smart the shoppers are!

Ego Trip @ Bitch Tail - Creator: Tiff Renfold
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Hair::. Wasabi (mesh)
.::Face Paint::. Little Pricks
.::Nails::. Mandala
.::Shoes::. League
.::Ring/Earrings::. Earthstones
.::Piercings::. Ipoke

Served @ Fallen Dreams - Creator: Ashlea Funizza

Cosmosis Designs @ Bitch Tail In Honor Of The End Cyber Bullying:
NOW 50% OFF SO come grab your uggs your heels and male outfits

(no worries the list is much longer then this....)

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