Wednesday, December 19, 2012


With the recent demand for appliers I have created a multi breast hud which will start to appear
in many newer Bitch Tail items to help accommodate those with various breasts.

The hud states Lola Tango, Push Up & Natural
However please note that the "Natural" option will also work for the following breast.
* eBoobs overfilled, anime and natboobs since v1.1
* iBoobs

Notices will be sent in the group as well as on this blog when past outfits are updated,
If you have purchased a outfit that has been updated please return to the store
and touch the re-delivery terminal to obtain a new package.

Vendor signs will state with the enclosed outfit includes the Lola all in one hud or if it only
includes a Lola Tango applier hud.

Please read the vendor boards everywhere you choose to shop so that you are
aware of what you purchasing!

If there is a Bitch Tail outfit you wish to see updated please drop a notecard
with any and all outfits names into the snail on the front desk.

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