Friday, February 15, 2013

:..No Time For This..:

It was for the men but I refuse to take it off myself lol so there we go!

Fashion credits:
*Male Tiff*
.::Shape::. Belleza -joe-
.::Skin::. Belleza -joe-
.::Hair::. Cheerno
.::Ears::. Mandala
.::Shoes::. 2Real

*Female Tiff*
.::Hair::. Ploom
.::Nails::. Mandala
.::Whiskers::. [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ]
.::Mouse::. .{PSYCHO:Byts}.
.::Shoes::. 2Real
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail

Official closing date is around the corner...
With that said I am going to be taking break from some of the bi-weekly/weekly events.
Real life always comes first...
until someone shows me a self packing and self moving house I need to get my tush in gear lol.
Love you all bunches!!!!

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