Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{Limited Edition} Justice

{thank you to Shawn Heslop for jumping on my pose stand}

New Limited Edition @ Bitch Tail!

We are doing things a little different to try and make things flow easier for all.
With that said we are saying good bye to the stacked boxes of LE items.
It was a blast watching them dwindle down in numbers but some seemed a bit confused
with the right click and take your box after paying ordel.

Bitch Tail is now implementing the Limited Item sale script.
This will not only show you a countdown of what is left but it will also allow
you to wear and touch your purchase right away!

Before I am asked....
there is NO gifting of the limited edition items.
There is NO store credit earned nor can it be used to purchase limited edition items.
This is simply because the script used is not a part of the e2v vendor system.

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