Sunday, February 2, 2014

Is it a model call? Or is it a blogger call? LOL it's a smexy twist of both!

.::Bitch Tail *Live Model/Promotion* Team Application::.

Bitch Tail is seeking highly motivated people to help drive people to our store, sim and mall.  While I could pay people to play radio ads and so on I would rather see Bitch Tail return to the place of fun and hanging out it once was and to do that I need those who truly enjoy what Bitch Tail is and stands for to spread the word.

In the past we have had "live models" on the time clock for little pay and gifts calling out lucky chairs and midnight mania boards as well as bloggers and they both worked well separately but why not combine them!

Candidates need to have or be willing to acquire the following:
* a rez date of one (1) year or older
* a minimum of ten (10) groups used for advertising/spamming
* a Facebook for their avatar
* be a member of a minimum of five (5) Second Life advertising Facebook groups
* be a member of the Bitch Tail regular group ($98L group)
* be willing to work a minimum of 3 hours a week in the store
* a blog!  (blogger is free and pretty easy to use!)
* be willing to chat with customers and help them find items.
* Have a desire to work as a TEAM!

What will selected members receive?
* $75L per hour you are clocked in the time clock
* $300L monthly store credit allowance
* 100% of tips earned in your tip jar during clocked in shift
* Shout outs on Facebook, Blog, Twitter, ect....
* Monthly spotlight will receive a $500L bonus and be used on a new release ad board!
* Plus more goodies as we roll!

Still interested......  Awesome!

Copy and Paste the below section to a new note card, fill it out and rename the note card:
BT Live Model/Promo - YOUR NAME
and feed it to the snail in the center of the store!



Rez Date (no models under 60 days):

Are you a designer?: 

Any experience: was model, dancer and still working as host 

Do you have a Facebook for this avatar?

Link of Facebook:

Do you have a blog?

Link of blog:

What does the word "team" mean to you?: 

What would you list as your own personal downfall?: 

What is your best quality?: 

Please attach TWO (2) photos of yourself *NO nudes*:

Do NOT im Management regarding your application... we will im all we are interested in at this time.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team!

-Tiff Renfold
Store Owner/Designer

Amy Dominica

IF your a alt of another creator just wanting to troll please don't bother!  
We do not bother you other then being a honest business and team!  Try our way... it works!


(¯`·._) Find Bitch Tail @ (¯`·._)􀀃


.·´¯`·-> σмɢ·тμαηкчøυѕσσмυ¢н·(◕‿-。)  
for all the support each and every one of you bring to Bitch Tail!

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