Sunday, July 13, 2014

Update from Tiff...

Hey everyone!  Ok I very rarely make posts like this, however I feel that I should do some explaining about what is going on with Bitch Tail and Scan*dal*ous at this time.

First thing is that many changes have been going on within my real life.  Some good, some bad and some really tough... all of which I am taking day by day and all seems like it is for the best either which way.  Second Life is NOT to blame for any of this but rather to  thank in some odd way as it has allowed me to see some things I chose to be blind to in my own world.

Bitch Tail and Scan*dal*ous are NOT closing... I still enjoy creating as a healthy and productive outlet far to much to close either store.  My children are also becoming little creators as my son is learning mesh to help me as well as working on a video game product with friends of his from around the world.  And one of my daughters is figuring out Photoshop.  No my children are not inside SL!  They are simply excited to create something that we can do together from time to time as we chill together with our laptops.... so 2014 lol.

This next week I am going to be mapping out a more structured way to accomplish putting out newer items in a more timely manner as well as keeping primary focus where it should be... real life.

Items that will be addressed this week are:
*Store set up.... (no remodel planned just some in house cleaning)
*Blog design.... (time for a fresh look)
*Personal design schedule
*Event possibilities

I am also aware that there is an "issue" with the E2V vendor system.  I will be logging on and shutting down traffic to the sim for a bit as I take care of installing the needed update TODAY!

With all the above stated, please note that I am not involved in ANY drama... I have no desire for it, no time, no do I have the knowledge of who is doing what, where or when......  If you hear my name mentioned by others stating otherwise, please just ignore it and move on.  Those who wish to harbor ill will and create dramatic tails will do so no matter what because they need it for some reason to thrive.... I certainly do not!  And I would hope those who shop my stores are more grown and respectful enough to also not engage in it.  Let's all enjoy our Second Life experience like big people :)


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