Saturday, December 20, 2014

Stepping away....

This post is one made with a mixture of sadness and happiness...

When I opened Bitch Tail in November of 2008 I never imagined it would every grow to the level it has!  For that I want to thank each one of you for your on going support and encouragement!

There was a time when I need Second Life as well as Bitch Tail far more than most know... it then became a crutch of sorts.... the "easier" option for things.  The money was what I thought I was there for until I realize it was more then that as well.  When I found myself in a mix of drama I started to step back a bit and see things as they really are and at that time I began to see how addicting this place can be.

When I caught myself telling my kids to hold on a moment that turned in hours I knew I had to come up with a different plan!

For awhile I was doing pretty good balancing everything between my children, real life work and Second Life.... that was until I fell ill.  I was not getting enough sleep or eating healthy.  I was running myself down into the ground physically and emotionally.  After a trip to the ER I knew that while my kids and many around me thought I was some super mom I had to make changes!

I could not quit PTA... I love being able to step up and be there for my kids, I was not going to get rid of my children's pets because they to are our family, could not see myself quitting my job or closing my photography business as those directly benefit my household and come with zero drama.... so this left me to do some hard core thinking about Second Life and its pros and cons.

I have listed them out and talked to my children about the next step because honestly they have always had a say behind the scenes of both Bitch Tail and Scandalous.  What we have decided is NOT to close Bitch Tail or Scandalous but rather scale back for now.  Go back to the days when I logged onto SL for fun here and there and run from those days when I felt as if I lived on my pc chair in front of a screen with my back to the world.

With that said I am going to drop the region.  There will be some satellite stores here and there and I will ensure you can use your credit there.  Bitch Tail and Scandalous WILL remain on Marketplace.... and new items will continue to be put out when I get a creative bug and some free time to do so.

This choice eliminates any stress or time limits to remember such as logging on to pay this or that....

I can not say this is how it will stay forever, I may end up one day missing it far to much and building a sim all over again in the future but for now this is what is best for my health, sanity and my family.

I would like to give a special thank you to those who most likely feel that I dislike them for past drama as well as those who may spin this into some other un needed dramatic situation for forcing me to look out the window and see the air blowing in the trees and reminding me there is so much more out there.

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