Monday, May 18, 2015

Rest In Peace....

Today I had to unexpectedly put one of my three furbabies to sleep.  Kendall was fine this morning and when I was about to head out for RL I went to let my doggies out one more time.  This is when I discovered Kendall just laying there in her vomit not able to stand up or even lifting her head up.  
We are not sure what happened to her and being that she was lethargic much longer then the vet had wanted to see we could tell that something was horribly wrong and my happy, hyper jack russel was hurting.  Instead of having her poked and prodded with the possibility of having no answers and no promise of a full recovery or non painful future I instead opted with my children to let her go peacefully and be painless.....  
With all that stated, please be patient with ims, notecards and so on.  

Here are some pics of Kendall in as happy as ever as 
well as Chris and Maddie saying goodbye before she left us.


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