Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to $98L....

And on that note...
>Awesome news to report<
Our Exclusive VIP group hit 900 incredible members!
This means another party on the way!

Do not forget loads of perks in that group including no spam!
PLUS free $250L monthly allowance
Buy before anyone else
a special off sim VIP lounge
and sooooo much more!

Those in the FREE Bitch Tail group do not fear!
You still earn 25% back in store credit when you shop with your tag on!

Matter of fact Bitch Tail rewards everyone for shopping with us!
25% back store credit to groupies in the lounge
25% back store credit shopping @ Bitch Tail & Bitch Tail Mesh with FREE group tag on
15% back store credit just for shopping with any tag on!

Greedy... nope!
Appreciative... Yes!

Thank you for all your ongoing support!


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