Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dropping a hunt.....

I am saddened to report that Bitch Tail has decided to withdraw from the "Never Back Down Hunt" due to lack of proper communication and organization.  When creators agree to be in organized events we entrust that those who set up the event have a plan.  We have a lot to take care of with our stores as well.  In this case I understand that the Organizer had as she stated on July 24th a real life emergency and trust me I totally understand those and know they can just pop up.  She we all sat and waited as their was no one else in charge of this hunt.  As of August 1st a notice was put out stating that she was back and the hunt was back on so I updated all of you, my store group and used my blog to update as I have been receiving many ims and notecards asking when the "Not Budging" outfit will be available.  Jayjustmight Tiponi contacted the Organizer on my request while I was attending to other items with a customer and was informed today that the Organizer has decided to postpone the hunt now until as she stated... some time in September.  There was no notice to this and even after Jay's inquiring im with her there has been no notice put out other then the one last night stating the hunt was back on.... I am not going to to sit here and wait on this any longer and the outfit will be made available for FREE from August 3-31st on our landing point as it was intended to be a FREE hunt prize till August 31st after that it will go on the past hunt prize wall for sale for $50L like all the other past BT hunt prizes have been.

So look for this when you land starting tomorrow!!!!!!!

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