Friday, November 30, 2012

:..Winter Fair 2012..:

Yay!  Winter Fair 2012 starts TOMORROW!!!!
You all have no clue how hard it has been for me to keep these from you for this long!

But because I love a little tease...
Here is what you will be able to nab from Bitch Tail.

Please note these will NOT be in the Bitch Tail store until after Winter Fair and even then
I am honestly not sure if they will be put out right away or delayed to let the excitement of 
Winter Fair linger more because this is an awesome event filled with AMAZING creators!

Bitch Tail is at the following location

Even with a landing point you can use the map on your viewer to key in the numbers 
and a red beam will guide your way :D

Winter Fair 2012 runs from
December 1-15th

Alrighty now on to the photos of the Bitch Tail Winter Fair 2012 items!
(linden sale only - no store credit)

Get up early and shop Winter Fair 2012!!!!!

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