Sunday, January 20, 2013


Monday starts another awesome round over at

Bitch Tail is excited to offer

Fashion credits:
.::Hair::. Truth *NEW*
.::Nails::. OnyxWear
.::Wings::. Auxiliary (gatcha machine)
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Crown::. Bitch Tail (gatcha machine)
.::Heels::. N-Core

Teleport to Acid Lily

On another note...
Haters will be haters because deep down they are sad and confused.
They are the people who tend to grab and cling to the first thing said about so and so...
They are the people who have the craving and need to be accepted
versus being truly happy with who they are and what they have done.
They are the people who fail to see their own potential.
Sadly they are also the people we can not help.
They must live and learn like the rest of us.
We do not have to entertain their hateful acts though.
So next time your feeling down over some hateful act and/or words.
Remember you are the person they want to be...
if not they would not care so much about what you do!

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