Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ok slight change in plans...

The easiest way I can come up with to make sure you all get your huds with the updated items is to list the huds for $0L on Marketplace.

Also a special thank you to the special fan out there who keeps reporting my ad boards on Facebook... your awesome cupcake!  Due to this person's pure persistence I am unable to post via the Tiff Renfold wall for a bit.  You will also be seeing pasties on the upcoming skin boards to eliminate this person's ability to have the boards pulls from Facebook.  I can post on the Bitch Tail business Facebook as my RL account was made an admin when it was created just in case this kind of situation occurred.

A few things I have learned in my 34 years of life are that things can only bother you and hold you down if you let them and that it is a waste of time if you can not pull a lesson from walls that pop up in front of you from time to time... Also... it is important to plan ahead and be prepared.

With that I invite  you all to please go to:

Click "like" and invite all your friends to visit as well...


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