Friday, September 13, 2013

The Phat Azz fad has hit Bitch Tail!

This week I will be gradually revamping some oldies but faves to not only include
Lola Tango appliers but also the brand spanking new craze
PHAT AZZ appliers!

If you have purchased any of the updated items in the past and would like a updated version
please complete the following steps.

*Take a screen shot of your inventory showing the select items*
*Please it in a notecard*


If you purchased any of these items since Bitch Tail started using the e2v system
come to the store and touch the re delivery terminal.
Copy and paste or screen shot your items from your personal page in a notecard

Send your notecards named: 
Bitch Tail Update Request - YOUR NAME
to Tiff Renfold

I ask that you are patient with me as I will also be making sure all new packages are recorded in the e2v 
re delivery page for each of you.  The reason for the extra hassle is that while I am updating the items
I am also updating the packaging which will help eliminate old and useless landmarks plus
old notecards that list people who no longer are associated with Bitch Tail as points of contact.

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