Friday, March 9, 2012

:..Bitch Tail Chat (Second Life) ..:

Ok so I have made the decision to shut off the "Group Chat" option for now.
This can not remain off for a long period of time as it hinders my staff's ability to perform their job.
I made this choice to give all of you a chance to cool down and come to terms with some items at hand in Second Life right now so that we can all keep our accounts as safe as possible and learn the best way to deal with the situation at hand the best way possible.

The issue:
There is a phishing link going around.
Its appearing in personal ims and group chats.

Things to be aware of with this are:
*The people/residents spamming this link do NOT know they are doing it.
In fact their accounts have been compromised, therefore "telling them off" is not the appropiate way to handle this... they did nothing wrong!
*Marketplace link look like this:

How to handle this situation?
*Let Linden Labs do their job, they are aware of this
*DO NOT reply to it in group chats or even ims... agian pointless the person does not know!
*DO NOT click on the link!
*IF you have clicked on the link that containts "" CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD
*IF you have been informed your name was sending out this link... call LL

AND even better......

Stores/Clubs and so on can NOT keep their group chats shut off... this hinders our ability to do what we do and keep our businesses working.

In addition when there are situations with people acting wrong in the group chat wether it be spamming another store, club, event... anything that does not belong and ANY group chat not just Bitch Tail's please..... PLEASE!!! Do the following!
*Notecard or Im the situation to a staff member
*DO NOT respond in the chat... you may think your being witty and helping but instead your making it worse and lagging the chat so that the actual staff can not handle it properly.
*IF you feel compelled to say your peace... enter the person's personal im box!

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