Friday, March 23, 2012

:..Crushing The Rumors..:

...So we ended the *Clearance* sale due to rumors...
Life it to short to sit and stress out over little things so...
!!We decided to have a little laugh and giggle over the the idoitic rumor!!

.::Bitch Tail is NOT closing::.
NOT today...
NOT tomorrow...
NOT any day soon!

Sorry to dissapoint our "special fans" but Bitch Tail will be sticking around ALOT longer!

So come enjoy our
50% off 24 hour sale
and enjoy laughing at the nonsense with us!


.::Hair::. Magika (mesh)
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Nails/Bracelets::. Mandala
.::Face Tattoo::. Bitch Tail

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