Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Lorax 2012!!!!

Ok everyone... a bit off topic to say the least.... or is it?

I just took my children to see The Lorax and I have to say I was beyond shocked with the lessons it had within it!  Lessons ALL creators, store owners and so on should open their eyes and minds to...
Yes even myself included!

So now.....
Ask yourself....
Are you a Once Ler or a Mr. Ohare???

We are all guilty of wanting to be huge, wanting to shine.... but at what cost?

The Once Ler had a bit of greed and learned his lesson to late... it took the last tree falling to open his eyes... as the Lorax says the tree falls in the direction it leans.... be careful which way you lean.

Mr. Ohare wanted it all at whatever cost... and refused to learn a lesson and even consider a new approach and everyone around him left him.

The Once Ler assumsed responsibilty for what he had done and saw all through to till the solution to his wrong doings appeared and things where set right.....

Just a bit of Dr. Suess wisdom of the day.

Please note this is the song played when the Oncer Ler was bitten by nothing
but greed and ignorance... all the trees where being chopped down
to better only one person..... HIM!

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