Saturday, April 7, 2012


Congrats to the entire Bitch Tail team!
Last night while others where trying to one up us for their own personal whatevers...
We where celebrating 500 members in our
Exclusive VIP group!

I honestly could give a poo about the traffic on the sim during the event
I enjoy knowing that people come to Bitch Tail
to be there... to shop and so on...
Not to just snag a $1L item or a Freebie...

And with all that said I want to announce!
We are planning another event!
Because during our celebration last night we hit
600 the VIP Group...

Thank you to all for your support!
And please know @ Bitch Tail
*your benefits will never be cut*
*we will not taunt you with immature acts of desperation to use your valuable time for our traffic numbers*
*we will always accept friend adds*
*we do not go on friends list rampages and cut cards*
*you can chat with us anywhere*
~why is that... because we believe in customer service and walk with our heads out of our tushes~

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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