Saturday, April 7, 2012


As many know I have done graphic and web work for a long time as well as own and operate my rl photography business since 2006.  With these lines of work comes loads of wear and tear on my hands and wrists. 
I have been holding off any news in here until official word from my doctors.
I am creating still dont worry about that however I am not nor have I ever created for speed I would rather take a week to get you something awesome then pop out a bunch to say look what I crapped out.
My response time will be slower for a unknown amount of time due to a torn ligament in my right wrist.
At this time I am in a light pt treatment consisting of electro message and ultra sound message as well as in a brace to restrict movement.
We are doing our best to avoid surgery.
I am asking that you all please be patient with not only myself but my staff during this time.
I am also not entertaining and immature acts from another store at this time as I have enough on my plate.
I ask that all of you ignore the trolls in the BT group if they do choose to feed on this time where I am clearly not 100%. 
I also want to thank all of you for your ongoing support!  I may not shower you all with $1L sales or free items but trust me I love you all so much lol and no thats not the pain meds talking I really mean it!
Tiff Renfold

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