Monday, April 2, 2012


*RELEASED @ Bitch Tail 4.2.12*

.::Hair::. Exile (mesh)
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Face Tattoo::. Bitch Tail
.::Nails::. Mandala

Ok a few things....
*Bitch Tail's main group will ALWAYS be FREE to join and will ALWAYS
reward our members with 25% back in store credit when you shop with the tag
on as our way to say THANK YOU for your ongoing support and for tolerating ...our spam!

 *Those who shop without the tag will ALWAYS earn 15% back in store credit because I do not believe in forcing my tag free or otherwise and your support is also worth a THANK YOU!!!

 *The Exclusive VIP group cost will NEVER increase and the benefits will
NEVER decrease... they may INCREASE!

 *And... I will continue to run BT with the same attitude! I am no diva, I am no better then you or anyone... so chat me up, friend me and have a awesome SL!!!!
XOXO - Tiff

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