Friday, March 30, 2012


Bitch Tail's Marketplace Listings
may poof away for just a little bit while I work on
getting all listings up to date and changing the items over the the
new Direct Delivery system.

:.. Timing..:

*RELEASE @ Bitch Tail 3.30.12*
.::TWO IN ONE::.
.::Hair::. Wasabi (mesh)
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Tattoos::. Bitch Tail
.::Nails/Bracelets::. Mandala

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

:..April Showers..:

*RELEASED @ Bitch Tail 3.28.12*

.::Hair::. Damselfly
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Face Tattoo::. Bitch Tail
.::Ipod::. Bitch Tail
.::Nails/Bracelets::. Mandala

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

:..Bass Is A Drug..:

*RELEASED @ Bitch Tail 3.27.12*
.::Hair::. Truth
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Face Tattoo::. Bitch Tail
.::Nails/Bracelets::. Mandala

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Congrats Jay!!!!

Check our Jay's Blog

Awesome Event...

I want to personally thank
who came out to Bitch Tail today!

We did not plan this event one bit..
But this proves just how luck I am to have an amazing team
Jayjustmight Tiponi and Katevangeline Resident
It takes us a whopping 10 minutes to pull our day long party out of thin air!

And WOW...
all of our customers!!!
Simply amazing!
I am in aww on all the support and encouragement I receive from you all daily!

Thank you times a million and more!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

:..I Love My Job..:

I really do love my job!
Not just Bitch Tail but I love my Photography as well....

But the job I love the most in all honesty is being a Mommy!
So with that said...
I will be online a bit on Sunday but will be laying low because
well... I am a Mommy 24/7... 7 days a week!

I will check messages and notecards off and on so no one will be ignored.

Love you all!!!!

Thank You...

To Jay for his awesome blog post!
And might I mention the outfit.......

:.. YAY ..:

in the EXCLUSIVE Bitch Tail VIP Group.....
THEY will be getting a closed sim EXXXTREME Shopping party SOOOOOON!!!! 

Special thanks to Jayjustmight Tiponi and KatEvangeline Resident
for all their hard work helping me keep BT growing everyday! xoxo

...first video was funny but to be honest the low blows... not my style...


The sale is on... However due to RL fun I personally have not been around.
Good news..
My son nailed his solo at his solo/ensemble contest!
My 8yr old... was AWESOME at her first volleyball game of the season!
..I am dj'ing now and doing some extra fun..
At the end of the day we have to remember its all about FUN...
NOTHING more NOTHING less...
::inserts giggles:: Not worth selling myself out for $1L ::inserts winky face::

Friday, March 23, 2012

:..Crushing The Rumors..:

...So we ended the *Clearance* sale due to rumors...
Life it to short to sit and stress out over little things so...
!!We decided to have a little laugh and giggle over the the idoitic rumor!!

.::Bitch Tail is NOT closing::.
NOT today...
NOT tomorrow...
NOT any day soon!

Sorry to dissapoint our "special fans" but Bitch Tail will be sticking around ALOT longer!

So come enjoy our
50% off 24 hour sale
and enjoy laughing at the nonsense with us!


.::Hair::. Magika (mesh)
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Nails/Bracelets::. Mandala
.::Face Tattoo::. Bitch Tail

Thursday, March 22, 2012

:.. InWorldz Bitch Tail ..:

*Spring Sale*
is on until April 1st!

Once agian the Bitch Tail $50iz Spring Sale is in effect!

Also loads of newness JUST hit both locations!

↓↓Taxi Ride↓↓

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

:.. New MESH ..:

*RELEASE @ Bitch Tail 3.21.12*

.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Face Tattoo::. Bitch Tail
.::Hair::. Magika (mesh)
.::Necklace, Bracelets, Nails::. Mandala

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

:.. Spring Cleaning ..:

I spent some time cleaning the store a bit today.
And catching up on Grey's still lol damn tablet has me hooked on Netflix.

New goodies to come tomorrow <3

Monday, March 19, 2012


.::Hair::. Truth
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Nails::. Mandala
.::Boots::. Ten
.::Face Tattoo::. Bitch Tail

Sunday, March 18, 2012


*RELEASED @ Bitch Tail 3.18.12*

.::Hair::. Truth
.::Nails,Bracelets,Necklace,Earrings::. Mandala
.::Boots::. Ten (mesh)
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Face Tattoo::. Bitch Tail

Saturday, March 17, 2012


*RELEASED @ Bitch Tail 3.17.12*

.::Hair::. Truth
.::Nails/Bracelets::. Mandala
.::Face Tattoo::. Bitch Tail

:.. Array @ Bitch Tail Mall ..:

Array @ Bitch Tail is  currently offering
>50% off<
the entire store!
Slap the "Slap N Dash" to receive a 100L Array gift card!

Thank you.......

Giant thanks to Katevangeline Resident for you awesome blog post....
Still going to say you SUCK in a loving way :P xoxo

Thursday, March 15, 2012

:.. Skinny Bitch ..:

*Release @ Bitch Tail 3.16.12*

.::Hair::. Truth
.::Nails/Bracelets/Earrings::. Mandala
.::Necklace::. Miel
.::Face Tattoo::. Bitch Tail

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

:.. Simplicity ..:

*RELEASE @ Bitch Tail 3.14.12*


.::Hair::. Truth
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Nails::. Onyx Wear
.::Shoes::. UBU

:.. Spring Sale!..:

Ends March 15th @ Midnight SL!

Blogger Thank You

Giant thanks to an awesome blogger:
Mal0ta Resident

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thank you....

Want to give a huge thanks to the following blog for choosing
to syndicate Bitch Tail's blog posts

So awesome to see all the creators works on one united page :D

:.. Your Addiction ..:

~YAY POST 200~

*RELEASED @ Bitch Tail 3.13.12*

.::Hair::. Exile (mesh)
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Nails::. Onyx Wear
.::Face Tattoo::. Bitch Tail

:.. Due To Real Life ..:

I am going to halt the New Release Parties...
The new items I create for now until further notice will be released first in the
VIP lounge for a reduced priced then instore...

I use creating as a way to deal with things I can not control in RL.
And right now I have a handful to destress on.

Also with all going on I can not guarntee I will be online
and able to DJ the release parties.
And with that I hate the idea of holding
new releases in my inventory
until I am able...

Soooooo ignore the ad for this week they are coming to the store tonight.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Thank you...

Thank you so much for an amazing blog post :D

 Kitty DeVaux

:.. March Week 2 ..:

here you go what to expect this week at the new release parties....
Your chance to come get them for only $75L each
before they hit the New Release building for $98L

Sunday, March 11, 2012

:.. Grow The F Up ..:

*RELEASED @ Bitch Tail 3.11.12*

.::Hair::. Catwa
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Nails::. Onyx Wear
.::Necklace::. Mandala

:.. I am NOT your enemy... YOU ARE ..:

Saturday, March 10, 2012

:.. Higher Road ..:

*RELEASE @ Bitch Tail 3.10.12*

.::Hair::. Catwa
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Nails::. Onyx
.::Necklace::. Mandala

:.. The Chatroom Is OPEN! .::

Look as stated before... closing the group chat in many places hinders the level they can fucntion at...

In ANY group you should remember a few things:
*That group's creator spend their Linden to create a group... respect that...
*The group chat you are opening is designed for THAT store/club and so on... respect that!
*IF someone spams and/or chooses to be immature, ignore it, notecard it and hand that to staff of that group, store/club
*DO NOT engage with the wrong do'ers in the chatroom
*IF you feel the need to say something to them, open their personal im box and do it there... NOT IN THE GROUP CHAT!

Now please every play nice!

Friday, March 9, 2012

:..Bitch Tail Chat (Second Life) ..:

Ok so I have made the decision to shut off the "Group Chat" option for now.
This can not remain off for a long period of time as it hinders my staff's ability to perform their job.
I made this choice to give all of you a chance to cool down and come to terms with some items at hand in Second Life right now so that we can all keep our accounts as safe as possible and learn the best way to deal with the situation at hand the best way possible.

The issue:
There is a phishing link going around.
Its appearing in personal ims and group chats.

Things to be aware of with this are:
*The people/residents spamming this link do NOT know they are doing it.
In fact their accounts have been compromised, therefore "telling them off" is not the appropiate way to handle this... they did nothing wrong!
*Marketplace link look like this:

How to handle this situation?
*Let Linden Labs do their job, they are aware of this
*DO NOT reply to it in group chats or even ims... agian pointless the person does not know!
*DO NOT click on the link!
*IF you have clicked on the link that containts "" CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD
*IF you have been informed your name was sending out this link... call LL

AND even better......

Stores/Clubs and so on can NOT keep their group chats shut off... this hinders our ability to do what we do and keep our businesses working.

In addition when there are situations with people acting wrong in the group chat wether it be spamming another store, club, event... anything that does not belong and ANY group chat not just Bitch Tail's please..... PLEASE!!! Do the following!
*Notecard or Im the situation to a staff member
*DO NOT respond in the chat... you may think your being witty and helping but instead your making it worse and lagging the chat so that the actual staff can not handle it properly.
*IF you feel compelled to say your peace... enter the person's personal im box!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

:.. Sneek Peek ..:

.::Hair::. Truth (mesh)
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Face Paint::. Bitch Tail
.::Nails::. Onyx Wear

:.. KONY 2012 ..:

I urge you all to take 30 minutes to watch it if you haven't. We've not got much of a bark individually but united, internationally, we can keep hope alive. We CAN end this.
You can watch it here:

Or, Visit their homepage:
Bitch Tail is one of many places that offer a free poster with shirts
and info feel free to grab one and pass them around as well!!!!!

I will admit I am just now hearing of this and was shocked by who
was the one to hand this info to me...
We all may not agree on much but on this I will stand by anyone to help end!
~Thank you Suki for the helpful information~

Wednesday, March 7, 2012



I have some hardcore stalkers!

We have 3 winners this round!

*xxmisskittenxx Resident*
*Jessy cinderflame*
*ravenflames Resident*

:.. Blog Contest ..:

Looking for Blog Stalker
If this is you
please take a screenshot showing the stalker view counter on the side
and hand it over full perm to
:..Tiff Renfold..:

Prizes to be won!

Good Luck to all!
oh and no the counter is no longer animated :P

:.. Slight Change Up ..::

>Same Event<
!!Different Time!!

Many have mentioned they would prefer a later time...
We listened...
And we delivered!

Effective TONIGHT

And on another issue...
I am not sure who is spreading rumors that Bitch Tail is holding
"Black Out" events....
This is NOT true... never been true!
I have always held random 2 hour sales since I started,
at times these have been closed access to a certian group.
Not for a day but for two hours and we have never used THAT name for a event!
We have in the past refered to a sale as
"Black Friday"
and guess what we hold that the same time as almost every retail store in the US!
...Cut the drama guys...

.:: Important ::.

Just to clear the air...
Bitch Tail is NOT affiliated with ANY store hands on...
I would rather my name NOT come up in comments and posts as I am not putting others names in my posts....
Bitch Tail does promote Cosmosis Designs which is a small/growing store on the Bitch Tail sim owned by Jayjustmight Tiponi.
I also support many other creators.... I do believe there is room for all and more within the vitrual Worlds.

Monday, March 5, 2012

.::Closeout Clearance::.

>Sale Ends March 31st<

↓↓тєl єρσгят ↓↓

::.Make sure you check both sides of the display!.::

Sunday, March 4, 2012


.:: OMFG ::.

Ok so I have so much to celebrate!
SOOOOO much!!!!
And now you all toss in over
stalker views!
Watch for more details big things coming!


Okie Dokie well that was a learning experience!
Please note to those who want to play unfair...
The view counter is no longer animated....
This means that you can not sit there and watch the numbers fly and wait to screenshot!

::.Nikkyrenee Tearfall wins this round.... stay tuned for next contest.::
Stalker 9999

.::Blog Contest::.

Now looking for viewer

!!Send me that screenshot!!

Winner will receive
*Store Credit*
as well as
before they are released in the store!

Good Luck!

Week 1: March 2012 @ Bitch Tail

.:: UnLeashed ::.

*Released @ Bitch Tail 3.4.12*

.::Hair::. Lelutka
.::Boots::. GOS
.::Ring::. Earthstone

-everything else.... INCLUDED!-
::.never any overload on the adboards to lessen dissapoint and confusion.::

Thank you....

To for the Bliss Windlow incredible blog post!

Also giant thanks to Agatha Grau also for taking a moment to make an awesome post about Bitch Tail!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

.:: Bitch Please ::.

*Released @ Bitch Tail 3.3.12*
-this poster is cute... may happen more since its so simple-

.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Hair::. Magika (mesh)
.::Cig::. Hermony
.::Shoes::. UBU

The Lorax 2012!!!!

Ok everyone... a bit off topic to say the least.... or is it?

I just took my children to see The Lorax and I have to say I was beyond shocked with the lessons it had within it!  Lessons ALL creators, store owners and so on should open their eyes and minds to...
Yes even myself included!

So now.....
Ask yourself....
Are you a Once Ler or a Mr. Ohare???

We are all guilty of wanting to be huge, wanting to shine.... but at what cost?

The Once Ler had a bit of greed and learned his lesson to late... it took the last tree falling to open his eyes... as the Lorax says the tree falls in the direction it leans.... be careful which way you lean.

Mr. Ohare wanted it all at whatever cost... and refused to learn a lesson and even consider a new approach and everyone around him left him.

The Once Ler assumsed responsibilty for what he had done and saw all through to till the solution to his wrong doings appeared and things where set right.....

Just a bit of Dr. Suess wisdom of the day.

Please note this is the song played when the Oncer Ler was bitten by nothing
but greed and ignorance... all the trees where being chopped down
to better only one person..... HIM!

Friday, March 2, 2012

.::Bitchie Blogger Shoutout!::.

Wow what an honor to be Celina Collazo's for blog post!!!!!

Thank you sweetie!

.:: Bitchie Bloggers ::.

Congrats to...

Ravenflames Resident
*Stalker 8888*
WOW only took like 2 minutes!

Enjoy the NEWEST release before anyone else!
Giant hugs and smooches!

.::Blog Contest::.

Blog Contest....
Looking for stalker
Send me a screen shot and get your prize!!!

.:: Wars On ::.

Message to you...
yes YOU the one who thinks your on top...
Matter of fact no one is... unless you are ready to tumble down!
There is more then enough room for ALL....
I suggest you learn that!

*Released @ Bitch Tail 3.1.12*

.::Skin::. Bitch Tail
.::Ring::. Earthstone
.::Boots::. GOS
.::Cig::. Hermony

....Will I act like you?....
.:: I am nothing like you::.
*I am not out to crush anyone!*
....I am here because I love it here....
*::It's called RESPECT::*
>Try It<

Thursday, March 1, 2012

.:: InWorldz & Avination ::.

As many have noticed there are no added clickables on the side bar over there>>>>>>>>

I have been working hard to update the InWorldz and Avination Bitch Tail locations!

I have tweaked my creating schedule a bit so that I have more time to tend to these grids as well any others I may be exploring and scouting out for Bitch Tail.

Thank you agian for your ungoing support and encouragement in all grid!


Avination -
InWorldz -

And yeppers I am Tiff Renfold in all grids...

.:: Title Conest ::.

Title Contest.....
(seems another likes my past tags :P )
ok its time for something fresh above your heads...
March 1st - March 15th
... Submit in a notecard your title idea for Bitch Tail
To Tiff Renfold

PAST Bitch Tail Tags include:
Bitch Tail ♥'s↓
.:Team Bitch Tail:.

Tag Title has to include Bitch Tail or BT
Prizes will be given to the winner!
*fyi... I'm not mad sweet cheeks... I am LOL'ing HARD*