Monday, March 4, 2013

Big day.....

The big real life house closing date is upon me which means that I will be beyond busy in real life moving from the old house to the new house.  Also this means that I will have a interruption in my internet service.  I can access Second Life on my tablet and I have tested logging on with my cell phone's tethered hot spot and while is can be done I will be focused primary on moving and unpacking.

I will be sitting low in hunts and so much more during this time for obvious reasons.

My family and I appreciate the patience and support you all are providing during this hectic time.

On another note we are all super duper excited about buying this house calling it home!  Girls had no issues picking which room is whose now the debate stands on whose sink/cupboards is whose in their bathroom.

While the buying process has been stressful the rewards are already piling in.

Love you bunches!

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