Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Real life moving SUCKS! lol

(fancy sign? lol ain't nobody got time for that today)


.::Bitch Tail VIP Group Offers::.
☑ $250L Monthly Store Credit Allowance
☑ First Buy Option On >NEW< Releases
☑ EXCLUSIVE sim lockdown events
☑ Group Gifts
☑ Random Adboard Model Calls
☑ No general store spam 
☑ Absolutely NO Spam of Any Kind or Immediate Ejection
(lucky chairs, manias, events and so on...)
☑ and loads more!!!!!

50% off join fee $250L (normally $500L) o.O 
FREE after you head to lounge and claim your monthly allowance!
Special ends 3/30/13 - 9amSL
Click to join!

Currently there is a issue with region: Bitch Tail
It is appearing "offline" after a restart and there is a ticket in place
Region: Bitch Tail Mesh is up and set for the sale

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