Sunday, March 24, 2013

:..Spring Fling..:

And here starts a new week and new Acid Lily round....

Fashion credits:
.::Hair::. Truth
.::Nails::. Mandala
.::Breasts::. Lola -Tango
.::Skin::. Bitch Tail

On a side note due to real life and so on I just really do not have the
time to constantly chase around my mall and remind 
people to pay their rent.
So with that said I am working on a new sim layout for both my sims.
I have little to no desire to change the look of the Bitch Tail store!
I will be cutting down the number of stores that are on the region.
I have no clue when this will actually begin....  RL comes first!
I have been locking rental boxes has time comes 
close to the end on their rental as a start.

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