Monday, December 9, 2013


Fashion Credits:
Hair - Eaters Coma
Glasses - Gritty Kitty
Smoke - Hermony
Dimples - Zombie Suicide
Tattoo - Letis
Bracelets - Mandala
Hands - Slink
Sneakers - 2Real

Teleport to Bitch Tail

So I have been thinking and debating...
As much as I love the Bitch Tail Regions as they are I am seriously contemplating a remodel of the Bitch Tail to move Scan*dal*ous out of Bitch Tail Mesh aka the Bitch Tail Mall region and onto the main Bitch Tail region.  However I am not overly excited thinking about the amount of building and organizing that would entail as a project.  Either way I will let you all know via the groups and the blog when I decide.
Giant huggies.... Tiff

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