Monday, May 27, 2013

Have a transaction issue?

Ok people work with me here....
IF you have a purchase issue such as you paid for something and it did not delivery please the love of all furry things follow these steps!

1.) locate the closest redelivery terminal, touch it and follow the instructions, if your item is not listed continue with these steps
2.) Create a notecard TITLED (your name-transaction issue)
Please note I am going to start deleting all cards I get titled "New Note"
3.) Inside the notecard please do not tell me your life story and how the weather was when you were making this purchase! Simply copy and paste the transaction details found on If you made the purchase with credit you will find your transaction details in your local chat.

I will no longer be simply helping you based on good faith, if you were at a rl store you would bring a receipt so do not be lazy here :/
4.) Hand the notecard to..... Tiff Renfold

5.) Be patient! I also have a life outside of the computer... I enjoy real showers, my kiddos and so on. I value that you are also spending your rl money on said items and I will get to you as soon as I possibly can!

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