Saturday, May 18, 2013

InWorldz & Avination

Hey guys... just a heads up that summer is fast upon us and that means I will once again I will have a little extra freedom with my daily schedule.  This also means that I can spend some time tweaking and updating the Bitch Tail locations within InWorldz and Avination.

New items will be flooding into both grids (happy dance)!!!!!

I am hoping to implement a few more awesome customer friendly things as well so be sure you are in the Bitch Tail group within these grids to stay informed as well as checking here on the blog often.

With that said another item I am debating is the blog...
Should I create a seperate blog for InWorldz/Avination users as items do differ at times between these grids and Second Life?  Or is it just better to post a update and tag it with the grid on this grid and keep it all flowing together?  I am going to place a poll on the side bar for all to voice their opinion.

Now I have also been asked if Bitch Tail will once again obtain a full sim in each grid... This is also something I am debating.  I loved having the Bitch Tail sims in each grid HOWEVER business wise Second Life has more traffic and a higher demand so naturally this is where my available time gets focused more.  That makes it hard to manage more places all over the place.  With three real life kiddos my time is limited all year and the last thing I want to do is overload myself.  So keep in the groups and watching the blog to see what I decide.

For the time being though please be patient in these grids as the locations get a updated look.

Love and kisses,

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