Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pricing announcement

Please note.... 
While Bitch Tail will remain $98L on all EXCEPT fatpacks, all mesh items that include a texture change hud will now be priced in a fatpack manner due to the simple fact that essentially the hud makes it a "fatpack".

I will continue to ensure there are ample new releases that come out at the $98L price.

The texture hud was something I had debated for some time for this very reason.  It saves prims on the display aspect of the store and also helps not only myself keep my inventory lower but you, the customer as well being that with the use of the texture hud on mesh you now only have one copy of each sizes versus an object in your inventory for each color/texture option.

I am sure you all understand and for that I say thank you!

As always I am at a loss of words to express just how grateful I am to all my customers for the ongoing support and love.  I may not know each of you personally but I love you all the same.

I can not wait to launch part two of the real life gear special :P  More info to follow!

Updating the store all the time....


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