Tuesday, October 29, 2013

50-50-50 Week Sale!!!!

Check Out Bitch Tail's 50*50*50 Week Sale!

>50% off all Bitch Tail

>>50% off the Bitch Tail VIP Group (makes it FREE after you pay and claim your $250L store credit in the lounge!)

>>> 50% more store credit earned!!!!  (woot double credit reward when you were the main BT group tag!)

Sale ends Nov 5th @ 9pmSL (no rez day party planned this year)

Teleport to Bitch Tail

Ok let me first say how very sorry I am for being MIA however I have been doing a lot more
work in real life with my photography as well as PTA stuff.

With this said I am also planning a trip back to Minnesota for a bit towards the end of November,
therefore I am NOT planning a Rez Day/Bitch Tail Birthday party this year!
Who knows maybe we will have a belated one later ;)

Love you all! -Tiff

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