Wednesday, October 9, 2013

:..Limited Edition - Meow {Halloween}..:

Have not done one for awhile.....

New Limited Edition @ Bitch Tail!
Only 50 will be sold!

Right click buy, right click take the box... linden sales only

Teleport to Bitch Tail

P.s. Some of the vendors for our upcoming "limited edition" fair are ready... 
shop early before the lag ;)

Set up: Envious, A&A. Zombie Suicide, Latreia, Unforgettable Temptations,Somnia, and more...
Please pay close attention to the price listed on the vendor!

Also if you are seeking the Limited Edition Candy Sneakers I moved them to Marketplace.
I did not increase the available number I simply listed them with the 
quantity remaining when they were in the store.

Limited Edition Candy Sneakers

Marketplace Link:

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