Saturday, October 5, 2013

:..Phase 2 - Updated..:

Available in Store & Marketplace

Already own this outfit and need the applier hud?

Fashion credits:
Hair - Magika
Breasts - Lola {mirage}
Azz - Luck Inc.
Hands - Slink
Boots - Insanya
Skin - Bitch Tail

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(per group notice)

Where has Tiff been? 
Sat, Oct 05 2013 9:45:43 AM PDT

FYI: My rl 10yr old daughter was at a camp for school when she was bit by a mosquito of all things and suffered a severe allergic reaction.  She had to be hospitalized and is now home resting with meds.
If you are waiting on an item and/or sent a notecard I am answering all as fast as I can.

Sale weekend because I am overloaded in RL :/ 
I will be updating items and working on stuff but not as much as normal.


60% Bitch Tail Random Weekend Sale!

Sale ends Monday @ 9amSL

(includes fatpacks!)

Credit can be used but not earned during this sale.

Teleport to Bitch Tail

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